We collect seed from the native forests in North Argyll and grow them into hardy native trees in our traditional nursery.

All our stock is grown outside in the open soil, no containers or polytunnels, all open to the elements and prevailing climate. We use a traditional growing system so that our trees develop strong root systems with excellent survival rates after planting.

Although the bulk of our customers are professional foresters and conservation organisations, we are happy to supply small quantities of trees to individuals, crofters and farmers.


Traditional Growing System

We operate a traditional rotation system where we feed the soil with compost made on the nursery and grow green-manure crops. This is followed by a year of seedbeds and then a year of transplants. The high rainfall in the area means we need to conserve and improve our soil so that our nursery production is sustainable. We have been using these methods for over 25 years to good effect.


For more information about our trees and planting advice, follow the link below:

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