Please email or telephone us with your requirements and we will quote a price for the order including delivery if required.


while collection at the nursery is free of charge we can delivery either using door-to-door carriers or by Royal Mail for smaller orders, please ask for a quote.


lifting starts from end October through to April. Trees can be sent to cold store if they are required after April (this applies to larger orders only and there may be an extra charge).


trees are packed as standard in black/white co-extruded bags which will keep the trees fresh for a week or so. Bags should be stored out of the sun outside or in an outbuilding until required. If trees are to be stored for more than a week, bags should be opened and checked regularly. Orders for carrier delivery are packed in bubble wrap and cardboard for safe transit. ♻ Customers can return used tree bags to us for re-use or recycling.


it is very important to ensure that tree roots are not allowed to dry out during planting. Root desiccation can kill dormant trees. Great care should be taken not to handle the trees roughly or to drop bags.


trees should be feed in the spring with a handful of high phosphate feed around the planted tree. We recommend ScotPhos ground mineral phosphate (available in 25 kg bags – please ask for a price), alternatively for smaller plantings bone-meal or Super Phosphate will do.